— Published 16 September 2022

Salt Lake City looks to 2034

Is the game already up? Susanne Lyons, President of the US Olympic Committee (USOPC), was in Los Angeles this week for a visit from the IOC Coordination Commission for the 2028 Summer Games. She spoke to the media about Salt Lake City’s bid for the Winter Games. Surprisingly, she said that the American project would be much better suited to the 2034 edition of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. “For marketing reasons in particular, it is more complicated to organise two editions of the Games close to each other,” explained Susanne Lyons, referring to a scenario where Salt Lake City would follow Los Angeles 2028 by two years. We have therefore indicated to the IOC our preference for 2034. The message is clear: the Americans are not yet officially giving up on the 2030 option, but they are leaning more and more towards the next one. The battle for the 2030 Winter Games could therefore soon come down to a duel between Sapporo and Vancouver, or even a solo effort by the Japanese city, as the Canadians have not yet made a definitive decision to enter the race. But Susanne Lyons acknowledged: “As we’ve made clear to the IOC, if they need us in 2030, we’ll find a way to do it. We are very committed to finding the year that works best for all stakeholders.”