— Published 2 December 2021

Russians will travel in greater numbers

Progress for Russian athletics. Meeting in Monaco, the World Athletics Council decided on Wednesday 1 December to increase to 20 the number of Russian athletes authorised to take part, under cover of neutrality, in major international competitions. Until then, the number was set at only ten competitors, as at the Tokyo 2020 Games. It will be doubled in 2022. This decision concerns all the World Athletics Championships scheduled for next year: the World Outdoor Championships in Eugene (USA), the World Indoor Championships in Belgrade, the World Road Championships (half and 5 km) in Guangzhou (China), the World Team Walk Championships in Muscat (Oman), but also the European Championships in Munich and the European Cross Country Championships in Turin. Three conditions were set by the World Athletics Council: the Russian Athletics Federation (RusAF) must give priority to athletes in the Registered Testing Pool; no changes may be made to the 20 neutral athletes once they have been designated by the RusAF; and the quota of 20 Russians will be automatically reduced by 25% for each failure to meet the requirements of the neutral athletes, particularly in the case of an anti-doping rule violation.