— Published 19 May 2023

Russia wants to beef up its sports calendar


No more time to lose for Russia. The road to the Paris 2024 Games is still as uncertain as ever, and the Kremlin seems determined to beef up its international sports calendar itself. Vladimir Putin has formally asked the Russian government to work as soon as possible on the organization next year in Russia of the BRICS Games (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). According to the TASS agency, the head of state has set a deadline of July 1 to receive a written proposal from the ministers concerned. The Prime Minister, Mikhail Mishustin, has been appointed to supervise the dossier. The idea of organizing BRICS Games as early as next year was mentioned in early May by Oleg Matytsin, the Russian Minister of Sports. “In 2024, when Russia will preside over the BRICS, we propose to organize the BRICS Games in our country“, explained Oleg Matytsin. Obviously, the idea has seduced Vladimir Putin. Another perspective announced by the Kremlin to offer to the Russian athletes a more solid program of competitions in the years to come: a return in force of the Spartakiades. Oleg Matytsin, again, suggested this week that the event could now be held every two years, instead of once every four years. “If the situation remains unchanged and the sanctions remain in force against Russian sport, I think we could decide to hold the Spartakiade Games every two years, said the Sports Minister. This could also give us an opportunity to create a competitive environment and pave the way for financial incentives for our coaches and athletes.” The last edition of the Russian Spartakiades was held last year in 12 regions of the country. It brought together more than 9,500 athletes, competing in 39 disciplines.