— Published 17 May 2023

Russia received its letter

Parenthesis closed. The Russian Paralympic Committee (RPC) has received a letter of confirmation from the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) informing it of its reintegration into the movement. The announcement was made by its president, Pavel Rozhkov, in a statement to the TASS agency. Late last week, the CPP said the IPC appeals tribunal had ruled in favour of ending the suspension of the Russian body, which was decided last November by a vote of the IPC’s extraordinary general assembly. The International Paralympic Committee has sent the CPP a letter confirming the reinstatement of its membership in the organisation, in accordance with the decision of its appeal tribunal,” explained Pavel Rozhkov. “The letter also contains preliminary information about the IPC General Assembly, scheduled to take place in Bahrain at the end of September, as well as guidelines for submitting proposals to the meeting’s agenda.” The Russian Paralympic Committee is therefore reinstated, with immediate effect, but the lifting of its suspension does not mean that Russian athletes will return to international competitions. They remain excluded until further notice. As a reminder, the Russian delegation was supposed to take part in the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games, but was excluded only a few days before the opening, due to the outbreak of war in Ukraine.