— Published 14 December 2021

Russia heavily sanctioned

Another blow for Russia. The International Triathlon Federation (World Triathlon) has announced that its executive council has decided to sanction the Russian Triathlon Federation for a full year. The reason: a “significant number of doping cases in Russia”. The sanction will take effect from this December until the end of 2022. World Triathlon will verify every quarter that the measures decided by its executive board are followed and respected. Under the decision, the Russian Triathlon Federation will have to enter into an agreement with RUSADA to test all Russian athletes, especially those who will compete internationally. It will also have to set up, in collaboration with World Triathlon, an education programme for Russian athletes and coaches on doping issues. At the same time, the Russian Triathlon Federation will have to reimburse bonuses previously awarded to Russian triathletes sanctioned for doping offences. Its leaders must resign from all world and European triathlon bodies for a period of one year. During the same period, it will not be allowed to organise any world or European event. Finally, it will have to reimburse World Triathlon for all costs related to anti-doping rule violations committed by its athletes and coaches, including laboratory, hearing and travel costs.