— Published 2 August 2023

Riyadh 2023 unveils its program

Ten years after their second edition – the last to date – the World Combat Games 2023 are taking shape. They are scheduled to take place from October 20 to 30 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The organizing committee has unveiled the competition schedule. Spread over eleven days, it will begin with boxing, karate and sambo (October 20 and 21), followed by sumo and wushu (21 and 22), then judo (23), wrestling (23 to 26), jujitsu (24 to 26), aikido (24 and 25), fencing and kickboxing (25 to 27). The final days of the world event, which will be held for the third time after a 10-year break since St Petersburg in 2013, will be dedicated to arm wrestling (27-28), kendo (29-30), muay thai, savate and taekwondo (28-30). All competitions will take place at the King Saud University Arena in Riyadh. Over 2,500 athletes from 80 countries are expected to take part.