— Published 24 January 2023

Resale is open

France 2023

During the investigations, the sale continues. The resale, to be more precise. The organising committee of the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France (8 September to 28 October) has announced that the resale of tickets is possible from this Tuesday 24 January on the official platform of the event. This new ticketing phase, the last before the tournament opens, concerns tickets purchased during previous sales, during which some 2 million tickets were sold. Note: the official France 2023 platform is the only one that guarantees a secure resale. “Tickets sold on other sites do not guarantee access” to the stadiums, the organising committee insisted in a statement. The announcement by France 2023 comes against a backdrop of controversy following the revelation at the end of last year of suspicions of favouritism in the purchase of tickets. The former French international Sébastien Chabal, ambassador of the competition, could have bought a hundred tickets, while the rules of sale limited the number of tickets per person employed by the organising committee to eight. Another former player, Henri Mioch, who was in charge of France 2023 between 2017 and 2020, is suspected of having purchased around 600 tickets with “privileged access”.