— Published 25 April 2023

Red carpet for the official film

It was about time. Fourteen months after the event, the official film of the Beijing 2022 Winter Games was screened for the first time on Saturday, April 22, as a preview at the opening of the International Film Festival in the Chinese capital. Soberly entitled Beijing 2022, the documentary lasts 113 minutes. It was directed by Chinese director Lu Chuan, with the help of Zhang Yimou – in charge of the opening and closing ceremonies – as executive producer, and filmmaker Zhang Heping as general consultant. In Beijing last week, the film team was surrounded by three Chinese Olympic gold medalists, all protagonists of the film: Wu Dajing (speed skating), Ren Ziwei (speed skating) and Su Yiming (snowboard). Beijing 2022 will be officially released in China and around the world on May 19, 2023.