— Published 27 July 2021

Rates remain low


The organizers of the Tokyo Games can breathe: the count of anti-COVID-19 tests and positive cases does not reveal any sanitary disaster. The IOC revealed the last figures. They show the relevance of the sanitary measures put in place by the Japanese. Between July 1st-25th, 239,418 tests were performed by the organizing committee, with 52 confirmed cases, a 0.02% positivity rate. During the same period, the organizing committee carried out 37,579 tests at Narita and Haneda airports: for 30 confirmed cases, the positivity rate reached 0.08%. The Japanese organizers announced on Tuesday, July 27th, that seven new COVID-19 cases were recorded among the accredited people of the Olympics, including two athletes. One of them is a tennis player from the Netherlands, the delegation most affected by COVID-19 since the beginning of the Games.