— Published 24 November 2020

Quebec brings out its project

Will Quebec, in turn, embark on the race for the 2030 Winter Games? The mayor of the Canadian city, Régis Labeaume, dismissed the idea last June. But a local promoter, Mark Charest, says he wants to bring the project out of the box. According to Radio-Canada, he has already started encouraging discussions with the Canadian Olympic Committee (CAC). Mark Charest explains working in the shadows for two years for a candidacy for the Winter Games, but he waited to talk more concretely with Tricia Smith, the president of the Canadian Olympic committee, and Walter Sieber, the former vice-President, before unveiling his project and launching a website. The Canadian promoter explains wanting to survey the population and the business community before pushing a possible application further. According to his estimates, the Winter Games in Quebec would cost just over 6 billion Canadian dollars, or less than 4 billion euros. In the absence of Olympic-standard ski slopes in Quebec, Mark Charest does not rule out making common cause with Vancouver, in western Canada, where a bid for the 2030 Winter Games is also under consideration.