— Published 17 May 2022

Practice will gain ground

The countdown to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on Wednesday 18 May is 800 days away, but the legacy of Paris 2024 is already underway. The “Gaining Ground” operation is one of the illustrations. Initiated by one of the OCOG’s official partners, the FDJ, it aims to contribute to the development of sports in France by financing a local facility. The scheme, for which the FDJ has joined forces with Paris 2024 and the National Sports Agency (ANS), concerns the municipalities in the “Terres de Jeux 2024” programme launched by the OCOG. “Gaining ground” makes it possible to install additional sports facilities in these municipalities that are freely accessible, in order to encourage the practice of sports and broaden the target audience. Some fifty municipalities in urban and rural areas will be equipped with these facilities by 2024. Tremblay-en-France is the first town to benefit from sports facilities as part of the operation initiated by the FDJ. Its new facilities were inaugurated on Monday 16 May 2022 in the Marcel Cerdan sports complex (photo above). They include an athletics track equipped with a solar timer, a multi-activity podium, outdoor sports equipment and “active design” elements reproduced on the ground. As a bonus, a QR code on each of the facilities provides access to educational videos made by Sarah Ourahmoune, the Olympic medalist in boxing at the Rio 2016 Games, with different levels of exercises. Four other municipalities were selected in the first call for applications: Lude (Sarthe), Grigny (Rhône), Montargis (Loiret) and L’île-Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis). A new call for applications was launched on Monday 16 May. Open until the end of June, it will enable a dozen winning municipalities to benefit from this scheme in 2022.