— Published 14 September 2023

PNF will leave the Games alone

Reassuring for the COJO Paris 2024. Interviewed on Wednesday September 12 by RTL, the French National Financial Prosecutor, Jean-François Bohnert, assured the audience that he had no intention of disrupting the Olympic and Paralympic Games. He also explained that the ongoing investigations into suspected favoritism and illegal interest-taking in the awarding of certain contracts would not result in any police custody. Jean-François Bohnert explained: “Our aim is to ensure a peaceful event (…) for a universal celebration. It’s not up to us to disrupt this event, which is why we worked ahead of time“. The director of the PNF said that the investigators were looking to unravel “the inner circle” in the awarding of contracts, but that they had not uncovered, at this stage of their work, any “extremely serious” facts such as “corruption“. At the end of June, the PNF had searched the headquarters of the Paris 2024 COJO and SOLIDEO, as well as the homes of the organizing committee’s managing director, Etienne Thobois, and director of operations, Edouard Donnelly, both former employees of the Keneo marketing agency.