— Published 19 May 2023

Players will travel less

Mondial 2026

FIFA wants to reduce the carbon impact of the World Cup. Its president, Gianni Infantino, announced from Los Angeles that the groups of the first round of the next edition, planned in 2026 in the United States, Canada and Mexico, will be organized on regional bases. Objective: to limit the travel of teams. “The challenge will be logistics, he suggested. The distances, the time zones, the climatic differences as well – the altitude in Mexico, the sea level in other regions. So it’s important for us to create the right environment for the teams and the fans to be in the best possible conditions. That means not having to travel too much, especially in the beginning. So we’re going to create groups where the teams will be based on the draw. We’ll coordinate that and make sure it’s the best possible conditions for the teams.” The 2026 World Cup will be the first in history held in three countries. The first, too, whose final phase will bring together 48 teams.