— Published 26 October 2021

Petra Sörling one step away from history

Petra Sörling

History is in the making at the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). The body will soon change its president. For the first time since its creation, it will be led by a woman. The German Thomas Weikert, who has been in charge since 2014, has decided not to seek a new mandate. He was very much contested within the executive committee, outvoted and even lost his decision-making power. According to the media in his country, he is now eyeing the presidency of the German Olympic Committee. To replace him, Petra Sörling of Sweden (pictured above) will definitely be the winner, as she is the only declared candidate. And she will remain so, as the deadline to submit an application has passed. The Scandinavian leader, who is currently the ITTF’s vice-president in charge of finance, has published her campaign manifesto. In view of the way the election will turn out, it seems anecdotal, but Petra Sörling details the main lines of her programme. She explains that she wants to bring the ITTF into a modern era, by investing in marketing, in the environment and in all the people who make up the table tennis family. Sustainability, partnership, men and women… Basic but trendy.