— Published 3 February 2021

Parsons expresses his confidence

The IOC is not the only body in the sports movement to tirelessly repeat its confidence in the Tokyo Games next summer. Andrew Parsons, President of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), expresses the same optimism. Asked by the Kyodo News agency, a few days from the symbolic mark of 200 days before the opening of the Paralympic event (August 24 to September 5, 2021), the Brazilian said he was convinced that the Games could take place in planned dates. “My confidence is built on a lot of metrics”, he explained. “Although I don’t see it as a quick fix, immunisation remains the most important part of protecting people around the world. By the time of the Games, it is to be hoped that the vaccine can protect people in Japan and around the world. We also know a lot more about the virus today than we did in March of last year when it was decided to postpone the Tokyo Games. We have learned a lot about its behavior. Finally, I believe that the major events organised since the start of the pandemic have proven that anything is possible. I think of the UEFA Champions League, the Japanese football and baseball championships. We will soon be able to observe how the NFL Super Bowl will go in the United States. We are learning to play sports under the current circumstances”. As for the attendance of the public at the Paralympic Games, still in the conditional, Andrew Parsons is in the hands of the Japanese authorities. “The decision will come from the Japanese government”, he suggests. “If they decide to go ahead with fewer spectators, a certain percentage, no audiences or only Japanese fans, we must respect his decision“.