— Published 17 March 2023

Parisian elected officials want more tickets

The controversy over ticket prices for the Paris 2024 Games invites itself to the Paris City Hall. Bad surprise for Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of the capital (photo above): it is fed by its own allies in the city council. The ecologist and communist elected representatives have questioned her, Thursday, March 16, during the meeting of the council of Paris. AFP reports that Nicolas Bonnet-Oulaldj, one of the Communist elected officials, suggested that the first phase of sales, during which 3.25 million tickets were sold in packs of three, had “shown its limits“. Above all, he asked Anne Hidalgo to intervene with the Paris 2024 OCOG so that it “reviews its ticketing and gives free tickets to Parisians.” Unlikely scenario. The city of Paris has committed to buying 43,000 seats, but will offer more (50,000) using the organizing committee’s endowment fund. “We are asking for much more“, he pleaded on Thursday 16 March. The same is true of Samia Badat-Karam, member of the opposition group Les Républicains and related. She stressed the “low number of tickets acquired for Parisians among the million tickets distributed to communities.” Response of Pierre Rabadan, the deputy for Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games: “I will not defend the strategy of the OCOG, we were not associated. The mayor of Paris made the request for additional tickets, but it is difficult because there is an economic balance that we ask the OCOG.