— Published 12 August 2022

Paris learned from Birmingham

With less than two years to go before the event, the organisers of the Paris 2024 Games want to stay on course with their ambition to halve CO2 emissions. Georgina Grenon, the OCOG’s Director of Environmental Excellence, was in Birmingham last week for the Commonwealth Games. She told the media: “With Birmingham 2022, we share a common vision. It’s about delivering a spectacular celebration, showcasing the best of our cities and harnessing the power of sport to unite and create lasting benefits for society, but also taking care of the impact that these events will leave behind.” The Paris organisers asked their UK Commonwealth Games counterparts how they have integrated sustainability issues into their planning and preparation for the multi-sport event. The two teams discussed catering and waste management. “We think it is important to share best practices between organisers of major sports events,” suggested Georgina Grenon. “We have learned from Birmingham through our exchanges. We will be able to use their experience to evaluate our own options for the wider operation of the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.