— Published 12 October 2022

Orange wants to connect the Games


As a premium partner of the Paris 2024 OCOG, the telephone operator Orange has unveiled its Olympic and Paralympic plan. It promises to be massive. An “Everest of telecoms“, no less, according to its general manager, Christel Heydemann. In addition to the opening ceremony on the Seine, in the middle of Paris, Orange will have to connect more than 120 sites throughout the event: the competition venues, of course, but also certain urban areas, such as the Invalides, airports, train stations, training centres, the Marina de Marseille for the sailing regattas, and even Tahiti, where the surfing events will take place. As the sole operator for the Paris 2024 Games, Orange will deploy a “unified architecture“, which will connect all the equipment to a single interface; implement a new video transmission standard using 5G; and offer the OCOG a walkie-talkie system using the mobile network to communicate by voice and image in a priority and secure manner. More than a thousand of the group’s employees are already mobilised for this unprecedented Olympic operation.