— Published 23 February 2021

One week and two more players

World Rugby is concerned about the health of the players. The international body demonstrates this through very concrete measures. On Monday, February 22nd, they announced a series of novelties for the 2023 Men’s World Cup in France. At the top of the list, a week extension of the duration of the global tournament. It will allow each team involved to have a minimum of five days of rest between matches. The World Cup will therefore run from September 8th to October 28th, 2023. “This additional week will be a major asset for the health of our players, by allowing them to meet the deadlines between games with five days of rest minimum, and ensure the quality of the sports board until the end of the competition”, explains Bernard Laporte, the Vice-President of World Rugby and President of the French Rugby Federation (FFR). In the same spirit, the international body decided to reduce the time and frequency of the teams’ movements, with a more detailed arrangement of the tournament calendar. It will be unveiled in detail this weekend. Another decision justified by the same concern to protect the health of players: the number of selections will increase from 31 to 33 players.