— Published 5 February 2021

Norway always stronger

Norway, again and always. With one year before the opening of the Beijing 2022 Winter Games, Gracenote unveiled on Thursday (February 4th) its traditional provisional ranking of nations. Unsurprisingly, it should once again be dominated by the Norwegians. Based on the results recorded in the last World Championships (or World Cups) in Olympic disciplines, Gracenote promises 41 medals to Norway. With such a result, its delegation would surpass its total from the 2019 PyeongChang Games (39 medals), where it had previously dominated the competition. Note: Gracenote ranking is based on the number of medals, not the number of gold medals. In second place, “Russia’s Olympic athletes” would not have to suffer too much from having to compete under the guise of neutrality, with forecasts awarding them 34 medals. Germany should finish in third place, with 31 places on the podium, the same number as at the PyeongChang 2018 Games. The top 10 would be completed, in order, by the United States, the Netherlands, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, France, and Sweden. Also according to Gracenote’s estimate, China should not take advantage of the home advantage. Forecasts only give them eight medals, for a modest 14th place in the standings.