— Published 9 June 2021

North Korean seats to be redistributed

Corée du Nord

It is now official: North Korea will not participate in the Tokyo Games. Mark Adams, the IOC spokesman, explained during a press conference on Tuesday, June 8th, at the end of the first day of the IOC Executive Board meeting, that the quotas initially won by North Korean athletes would be redistributed. According to Mark Adams, the IOC has been trying in recent weeks to convince the Pyongyang regime to reverse its decision not to send a delegation to the Tokyo Games. But with less than 50 days to go, it is now too late to continue talks. The places of the North Korean athletes will be reallocated, according to the qualification procedures of the international federations concerned. North Korea’s absence from the Summer Games will be a first since the 1988 Seoul Games. But North Koreans did not take part in the 1964 Tokyo Games either.