— Published 7 January 2022

North Korea takes up its pen

Corée du Nord

The IOC has suspended North Korea from the Beijing Winter Games for boycotting the Tokyo Games (officially for health reasons), and the country is now entering the political debate over the next Olympic and Paralympic Games. The authorities of Pyongyang criticised, through the official news agency KCNA, the decision of the United States and some of its allies to use the weapon of diplomatic boycott against China. “We were unable to take part in the Olympics due to hostile forces and the global pandemic, but we fully support our Chinese comrades in their endeavour to organise a splendid and formidable Olympic festival,” the North Korean Olympic Committee wrote in a letter to the organisers of the Beijing 2022 Games, relayed by KCNA. The same letter points to the attitude of the US enemy and its “vassal forces”, whose diplomatic boycott North Korea sees as “an insult to the spirit of the Olympic Charter and a basic act to try to dishonour China’s international image. As a reminder, North Korea was the only IOC member country to refuse to attend the Tokyo 2020 Games. The Pyongyang regime cited health risks, in defiance of assurances from the IOC and the organising committee. In response to its decision, the Olympic body decided last September to suspend North Korea from the Beijing Games.