— Published 20 June 2023

Nine years instead of six


Change at the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Following a lengthy electoral process, the Montreal-based body has voted to extend the terms of office of its two top executives, the President and Vice-President. In both cases, their initial terms will be extended from three to six years. With, for both, the possibility of a second and final three-year term. In other words, the WADA president and vice-president will now be able to serve for nine years. “This measure has been taken to take into account the buffer period and the formal election process for these positions,” explains AMA in a press release. The possibility of a second and final three-year term (with a full election procedure) for the offices of President and Vice-President has been introduced, bringing the total term limit in line with that of other Board members and Executive Committee members, i.e. nine years.” This amendment to the Articles of Association was adopted by an overwhelming majority of Board members. It received 33 votes, for a single ballot against and four votes not received by the deadline. WADA’s current president, Poland’s Witold Banka, and vice-president, China’s Yang Yang, were unanimously re-elected last November for a second and final three-year term.