— Published 24 October 2023

Nigeria confirms its membership of World Boxing

The situation was confusing. It is no longer confused. In a statement released to FrancsJeux, Kenneth Minimah, President of the Nigerian Boxing Federation (NBF), unequivocally stated that the federation had turned its back on the IBA to join its rival, World Boxing. Its vice-president, Azania Omo-Agege, had given assurances to the contrary the day after World Boxing announced that Nigeria had joined it, thus becoming the first African country to leave the IBA. Clearly, he was not speaking on behalf of the federation. “The NBF, under my leadership, applied to join World Boxing on 20 October 2023, explains Kenneth Minimah. The decision to join World Boxing was also validated at a meeting of the executive council.” The NBF president also points out that his vice-president’s actions were “carried out without consulting the board of directors or myself, the president. I did not authorise it.” This clarification is a victory for World Boxing, which now has members on all five continents, and a setback for the IBA, which has always been able to count on unfailing, united support from the African continent.