— Published 31 October 2023

Niels Holst-Sørensen has passed away

The IOC has lost one of its oldest members. Denmark’s Niels Holst-Sørensen, an honorary member of the Olympic body for over twenty years, passed away at the age of 100. Born on December 19, 1922, he was eighteen times Danish athletics champion, gold medallist in the 400 m and silver medallist in the 800 m at the 1946 European Championships in Oslo, and runner-up in the 800 m at the 1948 London Games. He joined the IOC in 1977, and was a member of almost ten commissions, including Marketing (1989-2001), Coordination for the Albertville 1992 Winter Games (1989-1992), Lillehammer 1994 (1989-1994), Nagano 1998 (1992-1998) and Salt Lake City 2002 (1996-2002), before becoming an honorary member in 2002. Niels Holst-Sørensen was also President of the Danish National Olympic Committee between 1981 and 1984.