— Published 20 January 2023

New investigation targets Claude Atcher

He has left his office and will not return. But the name of Claude Atcher (pictured above) continues to occupy the conversations of the organising committee of the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France. Already under investigation for influence peddling and corruption, the former director general of France 2023 is now also the subject of a procedure for “moral harassment”. As revealed by L’Equipe, it was opened on 29 November 2022 by the Labour Inspectorate after a report from the Regional and Interdepartmental Directorate of Economy, Employment, Labour and Solidarity (Drieets). It was entrusted to the Brigade de répression de la délinquance aux personnes (BRDP). In a statement sent to AFP, Claude Atcher “welcomes the opening of investigations”. They will allow him, he maintains, to “re-establish a semblance of balance”. Not a foregone conclusion. As a reminder, Claude Atcher is also the target of an investigation by the National Financial Prosecutor (PNF) for favouritism, influence peddling and corruption. It is particularly interested in the suspicious awarding of certain contracts, ticketing and the use of vehicles made available to him. The GIP France 2023, for its part, assured this week that it wanted to “secure the organisation of the tournament”. It also announced the launch of a complete financial and accounting audit, “to ensure that all the accounting and financial operations of the organising committee’s entities since their creation comply with their obligations and commitments”. He will present “an updated budget” on 2 February.