— Published 7 June 2021

New departures among volunteers

Tokyo 2020

The wave of defections among volunteers is growing in Japan. According to NHK, some 3,500 volunteers recruited by the city of Tokyo to officiate during the Olympic and Paralympic Games have withdrawn. They were to be part of the army of volunteers called upon to assist the public outside official venues. This number adds to the 10,000 volunteers from the organising committee who have already left the adventure. Nine of the eleven Japanese prefectures that had recruited municipal volunteers have announced the number of withdrawals. Tokyo and Saitama prefectures have not yet done so. Their results should logically increase the total number of volunteers who have opted out quite significantly. According to local authorities, the majority of participants justified their decision by the fear of the sanitary crisis, but also by the feeling that the Games will not really need them anymore, as foreign spectators are not allowed to come to Japan.