— Published 15 June 2021

NBCUniversal prepares for the jackpot

NBC Tokyo 2020

The sanitary crisis will not change anything: the Tokyo Games are shaping up to be a very good business for the American broadcasting group NBCUniversal. Its executive director, Jeff Shell, admitted at an online conference organised by Credit Suisse that the next Olympic event could be the most profitable in history. “We can be quite optimistic about the audience and the economic impact of the Tokyo Games,” he said. “The advertisers are there, they are motivated. All the Olympic Games have had problems before the start of the events. In London in 2012, it was traffic. In Rio in 2016, it was the Zika virus. But once the opening ceremony takes place, everyone forgets about it and enjoys the 17 days of competition. I think we’re going to have the same situation in Tokyo.” In March 2020, NBCUniversal announced it had sold more than $1.25 billion in advertising for the Tokyo Games, a record for a broadcaster of the event. Jeff Shell did not reveal the latest figures, but he assured that all advertising sales in the run-up to the event were complete. They would already be the highest in history for NBCUniversal.