— Published 17 March 2021

Motsepe is already thinking big

Elected by acclamation on Friday, March 12th, President of the African Football Confederation (CAF), Patrice Motsepe was quick to unveil his ambitions for the continent. The South African billionaire (59) told a press conference in Johannesburg on Tuesday (March 16th) that an African team was to win the World Cup “in the near future“. Patrice Motsepe insisted: “We have to stop being too pessimistic and negative. There is no continent that has succeeded by dwelling on its failures”. Asked about his vision for the flagship competition of African football, the CAN (African Cup of Nations), Patrice Motsepe replied without hesitation: “The CAN, at present, must take place every two years“. A way to stand out already from his main ally in the race for the presidency of CAF, Gianni Infantino. The FIFA president has in fact repeatedly mentioned the idea of ​​a CAN only contested every four years.