— Published 3 February 2021

Mori promises a new model

Yoshiro Mori is steadfast: the Tokyo Games will be held as scheduled, health crisis or not. The chairman of the organising committee repeated it on Tuesday (February 2nd), during a speech to the leaders of the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). “We need to move beyond debates about whether to hold them or not“, the former prime minister said calmly. “The question is how we will organise them. Let us reflect on this occasion on a new model of the Olympic Games”. This model, the sports movement will have a preview this week, with the publication by the Japanese organisers of the latest version of the “playbook” of the Tokyo Games. The document is supposed to detail the measures being considered to combat the spread of the virus before and during the Games. Its revelation will come just days after the Japanese government’s decision to extend, at least until March 7th, the state of emergency in metropolitan Tokyo and a handful of other prefectures.