— Published 5 January 2021

Mori lifts the veil on the calendar

Patience. According to Yoshiro Mori, the chairman of the organising committee, it may be necessary to wait until spring to know if spectators will be allowed at the Tokyo Games. Asked by the daily Nikkan Sports about the presence of a Japanese or foreign public at the competition venues, the former prime minister replied that the decision would be taken somewhere between “March and May”. Then he clarified: “The final deadline for a decision would be May, but it could come earlier”. In the same interview, Yoshiro Mori said the opening ceremony was arguably one of the most health-sensitive moments of the Games, with more than 200 foreign delegations gathered in the Olympic stadium. But the Japanese leader is categorical: there is no question of shortening the duration, the audiovisual rights holders have paid too much to be satisfied with a night at a discount.