— Published 5 February 2021

Mori apologises but stays put

Yoshiro Mori will not return his apron. Blamed by the international press and mocked on social media for his sexist remarks, the chairman of the Tokyo Games organising committee has publicly apologised. But he warned that he would not resign. “What I said was inappropriate and goes against the spirit of the Olympic and Paralympic Games“, admitted the former Japanese prime minister. “That’s why I deeply regret what I did. I want to go back to what I said and apologise to everyone who may have been shocked by what I said”. Speaking Wednesday, February 3rd at an extraordinary meeting of the board of directors of the Japanese Olympic Committee, the very misogynistic words of the president of Tokyo 2020 quickly went viral. Many netizens called for his resignation, pointing out that it was contrary to the Olympic Charter. But Yoshiro Mori’s comments elicited little reaction among members of the Japanese Olympic committee. According to NHK, Olympic Games Minister Hashimoto Seiko spoke with Yoshiro Mori on Thursday (February 4th) at the request of current Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga. She would have sharply reproached him for his sexist remarks. As for the IOC, he replied to the Japanese media that the subject was now “closed“, the main party having officially apologised.