— Published 18 June 2021

More than 60 COVID cases at the Copa America


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to plague the delegations present in Brazil for the Copa America de football (June 13th to July 10th 2021). No less than 41 cases were revealed at the beginning of the week. Two days later, on Wednesday, June 16th, the number of positive cases had risen to 53. It has now risen to 66 cases. According to the Brazilian Ministry of Health, 27 of these 53 cases concern players and members of the delegations. The other 39 infected people are believed to be employees of the various competition providers, including the hosts of the South American teams. The cases were reported in the three states hosting the tournament, Brasilia, Goiânia and Rio de Janeiro. According to the Brazilian Ministry of Health, more than 6,500 PCR tests have been carried out since the Copa America began. Teams from Venezuela, Bolivia and Colombia have reported players and staff infected with COVID-19 since their arrival in Brazil.