— Published 20 July 2021

More than 60 confirmed cases

Tokyo olympics

With 3 days to go before the opening of the Tokyo Games, Japanese organizers cannot escape the daily questions from the media about the number of COVID cases recorded among the accredited. Masa Takaya, Tokyo 2020’s spokesman, made a precise point on Monday, July 19th, during a press conference. “The total number of positive cases related to accredited persons is 61,” he explained. “But it is important to clarify that more than half of them (33) are residents from Japan. For the rest, 28 are from foreign Olympic committees. Knowing that 22,000 people have already arrived in Japan, the rate of positive cases represents about 0.1%.” Masa Takaya confirmed three infected people in the South African soccer team, including two players. They have been isolated. The rest of the group remained in their rooms, where they ate all their meals. Since Sunday, July 18th, the South African players have not been able to train.