— Published 26 March 2021

Montpellier unveils its logo

No time to waste. One year before the event, the French Ice Sports Federation (FFSG) took advantage of the World Figure Skating Championships in Stockholm this week to present the logo of the future edition of the global event. It will take place in Montpellier from March 21st to 27th, 2022 and should bring together, in the south of France, more than 50 nations, or nearly 200 skaters. The emblem of the competition represents both the M of “Monde” (but also of Montpellier) and the W of World. Its dynamic shape recalls, according to the organisers, “the movements of skaters on the ice and the traces left by their blades“. A bilingual, readable and modern logo. For Nathalie Péchalat, President of the FFSG, “this logo ‘in tune with the times’ offers our disciplines an image that is at the same time modern, graceful and dynamic“.