— Published 13 November 2023

Mistrust on the rise

Bad signal. With less than 10 months to go, French support for the Paris 2024 Games continues to plummet. According to a survey conducted by Odoxa for RTL and Winamax, published on Sunday November 12, only 65% now think the Games are a good thing. A result down 11 points on a similar survey conducted two years earlier. The drop is even more spectacular among residents of the Paris region (-21%), who are now 56% in favor of the event. Residents of Ile-de-France are particularly sceptical about transport (81%), security (73%), and the organizers’ ability to complete the work in time (71%). The people of Paris Region are skeptical, even hostile, but they intend to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Olympic and Paralympic event to make ends meet. No less than 15% of the region’s residents plan to rent out their accommodation during the Games. Two-thirds of them admit to wanting to do so at three times the usual rate.