— Published 4 August 2022

Milan brings its share

A breath of fresh air for Milan-Cortina 2026. The city council of Milan has given the green light to the allocation of a subsidy of 13.75 million euros for the 2026 Paralympic Winter Games. The decision was approved unanimously by the elected officials of the capital of Lombardy. This public funding, which will be provided by the city of Milan and the Lombardy region, is in addition to the 55 million euros already provided by the Milan-Cortina 2026 organizing committee for the Paralympic event. The subsidy of 13.75 million euros allocated by the local and regional authorities will complete the reserve for a possible deficit of the Games. To date, the budget of the Winter Games of Milan-Cortina 2026 is still set at 1.58 billion euros, an amount much lower than those of the last editions, PyeongChang 2018 and Beijing 2022. The Italian organizers presented last week their first official partner, the Italian chain of stores Esselunga.