— Published 26 August 2022

Mexico wants to get started

The IOC can rub its hands together: the list of countries interested in hosting the 2036 Summer Games is growing. After Qatar, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Great Britain, and most recently Saudi Arabia, Mexico has now joined the pack. The president of the Mexican Olympic Committee, María José Alcalá (pictured above), told the daily Milenio that she had begun discussions with the IOC with a view to bidding for the Games in 2036. “It was very important to have this meeting because we have to make an analysis not only of the sporting and structural issues, but also of the geopolitical issues: which cities are developing, which ones could have infrastructure, which ones could be alternative venues,” she said. “We have to deal with all these issues before we can go any further. There is still a long way to go, we have to take it step by step.” At this stage of the process, Mexico is only at the feasibility study stage. It will have to decide quickly on the question of the host city. Mexico City, where the Summer Games were held in 1968, could be the host city, as could Guadalajara and Monterrey. According to María José Alcalá, the idea of preparing an Olympic bid came from the political authorities. It was suggested by the Mexican Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard. As a reminder, Mexico will co-host the World Cup in 2026 with the United States and Canada.