— Published 3 February 2023

Marrakech for a first

The Olympic future of boxing is still written in the conditional, but its international body (IBA) continues to advance. It launches this year, less than 600 days before the Paris 2024 Games, a new world circuit, the World Boxing Tour (WBT). Its first stage started on Thursday, February 2 in Marrakech, Morocco, with more than 200 boxers in 25 weight categories. The WBT is divided into three levels of competition: Golden Belt, Silver Belt and Bronze Belt Series. The circuit will end each year with a final tournament, the Diamond Belt Series. It will see the four best in each weight category compete against each other in the world ranking. The first WBT event in Africa, the Marrakech tournament is classified as the Golden Belt Series. Russian boxers are admitted. Under the rules of the IBA, they are allowed to fight under their colors and flag.