— Published 15 April 2022

Lima to replace Kazan

It’s done. FINA has found a replacement for Russia to host the next edition of the World Junior Swimming Championships. Initially awarded to Kazan, Russia, the event will finally take place from 30 August to 4 September 2022 in Lima, Peru. It is expected to bring together more than 600 swimmers from 100 national federations, aged 14-17 for girls and 15-18 for boys. The competition will be held at Lima’s 3,000-seat Videna Aquatic Centre, where the Pan American Games were held in 2019. The FINA World Junior Swimming Championships were first held in Rio de Janeiro in 2006. Since then, they have been held in Monterrey (Mexico) in 2008, Lima in 2011, Dubai in 2013, Singapore in 2015, Indianapolis in 2017, and Budapest in 2019. Kazan was due to host the event in 2021, before FINA decided to postpone it for a year due to changes in the international sporting calendar and the re-scheduling of the Tokyo Games in the summer of 2021. The international body then withdrew the event from Kazan in response to the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army.