— Published 25 February 2022

Kenya and Zimbabwe go out the door

Kenya and Zimbabwe have been hit hard. FIFA announced in a press release that it had suspended their football associations due to government interference. The decision was taken by the Council of the body, which met on Thursday 24 February by video conference, and was then briefly explained by Gianni Infantino, its president, at a press conference. “Without prejudice to investigations by national authorities or other judiciary bodies, the FIFA Council has decided to suspend the Kenya Football Federation and the Zimbabwe Football Federation with immediate effect for undue influence by a third party,” the body explained. As for Gianni Infantino, he merely mentioned “government interference in the activities of the football federation”. They know what needs to be done to have the suspension lifted,” he said. In the case of Zimbabwe, the suspension is due to the refusal of the state-run Sports and Recreation Commission to relinquish control of the football association to its officials. In Kenya, the problem stems from a decision by the Ministry of Sports to remove the association’s leadership after accusing them of corruption. As a result of the suspension, national teams and clubs in Zimbabwe and Kenya can no longer participate in international competitions. FIFA subsidies have also been cut off.