— Published 8 August 2022

Asians try their hand at obstacles

The International Union of Modern Pentathlon (UIPM) has taken another step towards its decision to replace equestrian events with obstacle courses from the Los Angeles 2028 Games. It organised its second test event of the new format in Manila (Philippines) on 6 and 7 August. More than 120 athletes from nine countries in Asia and Oceania were able to try their hand at obstacle racing, in an event also open to obstacle specialists. The competition was held in conjunction with the Asian leg of the Ninja Warrior World Cup, organised by the Philippine Obstacle Sports Federation in collaboration with the world body for obstacle sports (FISO). The UIPM noted in a press release that there were no accidents or injuries at the event. According to the reactions of the athletes who took part, the event seems to have won over the next generation of modern pentathletes. “Riding is an expensive and not very accessible sport, unlike jumping,” said Joel Collings, a junior from New Zealand. You can practice anywhere, even in a playground. It’s very easy to get into. I’ve never really tried it before, except when I was a kid and I was swinging on bars. This competition was a good opportunity to discover the new format and give feedback to our federation.”