— Published 9 July 2021

Jill Biden still on board

Jill Biden

The decision of the Japanese authorities not to allow spectators at the Tokyo Games does not change anything: the White House is still studying the possibility for the First Lady, Jill Biden, to attend the opening ceremony. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed on Thursday, July 8th, during a press briefing, that the project was still in the pipes. “We are still evaluating the feasibility of the First Lady’s attendance,” she explained. “Our preparation team should arrive in Tokyo before the end of the week.” Joe Biden had confided at the end of last June that he would not go to Japan during the Games, but that the official American delegation could be led by his wife. According to Jen Psaki, the American government is “perfectly conscious of the meticulous preparations” made by the Japanese to welcome the event during the coronavirus pandemic. An effort that must encourage the whole world to “support the Games in the future”, she added.