— Published 14 April 2023

Japan wants a new World Cup

A return of the World Cup to Japan? Four years after hosting the global tournament, the Japanese already want to do it again. The president of the Japanese Rugby Federation, Kensuke Iwabuchi, announced that his country had officially informed World Rugby of its desire to host the World Cup in the next decade. Very trendy: the Japanese would like to make a double hit, like the Australians and the Americans, by hosting the men’s edition in 2035, then the women’s two years later. As a reminder, Australia has obtained the organization of the men’s World Cup in 2027 and the women’s in 2029. The United States will follow, hosting the event in 2031 for men, then in 2033 for women. According to Kensuke Iwabuchi, the ambition of Japan will not be reduced to being the host country. The Japanese leader confided that he wanted his team to climb to the top of the world rankings when hosting the competition. In 2019, the Japanese had reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup held at home, after finishing at the top of their group, thanks to victories against Ireland and Scotland.