— Published 2 December 2020

Ivanov already at work

No time to waste for Peter Ivanov. The day after his election as President of the Russian Athletics Federation (RusAF), he spoke on Tuesday (December 1) with members of the Russia task force formed by World Athletics. The interview took place by videoconference, before the start of the virtual meeting of the Council of the International Body of Athletics. The new RusAF chairman confirmed to TASS that he had had this first meeting with the taskforce headed by Norwegian Rune Andersen, but declined to disclose the content of the exchange. He only repeated that the reinstatement of the RusAF, suspended since November 2015, was his priority. “The work will be done on two fronts: outward, for better interaction with World Athletics and its working group, and internally, to reorganize our athletics”, he told TASS. “I can promise to do all I can to restore RusAF as soon as possible”.