— Published 25 March 2022

ITA does business with Germany

The trend is growing. After having almost filled up with international federations, the International Testing Agency (ITA) continues its breakthrough at national level. It announces the signing of a cooperation agreement with the German Anti-Doping Agency (NADA). The two entities will work together in the areas of testing, but also Intelligence & Investigations. They will also work together on issues related to the Athlete Biological Passport (ABP). The aim is to use resources efficiently, especially with international athletes. The agreement is initially planned for a period of one year, and will be implemented as of the 2022 European Multisport Championships in Munich, where NADA Germany will be responsible for coordination and the ITA for carrying out doping controls. The ITA explains in a press release that it “welcomes into its network any national anti-doping organisation that wishes to join this initiative and will actively seek further collaborations.” The ITA’s catalogue of clients could therefore be further expanded in the months to come.