— Published 18 February 2021

Israel wants to welcome the Euro

Credible? According to several corroborating sources, Israel has offered UEFA to host the Euros next June and July. Their football federation has also reportedly suggested that the European body entrusts them with hosting certain Champions League or Europa League matches. Israel highlights its progress in the management of the health crisis, with a vaccination rate already close to 45% of the population, and its immunity “badge” project conditioning access to sports halls, concerts or restaurants. According to the Israeli Football Association, Aleksander Ceferin, the president of UEFA, would not have ruled out such a scenario. He even estimated that “the possibility of playing the Champions League in Israel will be taken into account” in the event that the health situation does not develop positively in the coming months. Asked by AFP, a spokesperson for the European body confirmed that Israel had “offered the possibility for UEFA to use its infrastructure this year if necessary“. But UEFA makes it clear: it intends to organise all its events, including the Men’s Euros, in the cities already chosen.