— Published 16 August 2021

ISL to stop in Eindhoven


The International Swimming League (ISL) has added another piece to its upcoming season. It has announced an agreement with the city of Eindhoven, in the Netherlands, to organise the play-offs, the second phase of the circuit. It will take place from November 11th-28th 2021. The regular season – the first of Season 3 three phases – will have ten ISL teams compete from August 26th to September 30th in Naples, Italy. This will be followed by the play-off phase, in which the top eight clubs will compete for the four final spots. The play-offs are scheduled to take place in early January 2022, in a city yet to be determined. The league announced in a press release that discussions are underway with several possible host cities for the final, in Asia, Europe and North America.