— Published 19 April 2021

ISL takes inspiration from the NBA

No time out for the International Swimming League (ISL). The international meeting circuit, created by Russian-Ukrainian billionaire Konstantin Grigorishin, wants to innovate further. He announces for his third season, scheduled for this year, the establishment of a recruiting system very inspired by the NBA draft. From now on, ISL teams will no longer be able to enter swimmers individually at their own discretion. They will have to respect a selection process in several phases, intended to compose a maximum of 36 athletes. Objective: to strengthen competition by reducing the level differences from one franchise to another. One week before the draft, scheduled for the week of June 21st, 2021, each general manager will announce the names of the fifteen swimmers for the 2020 season selected for the 2021 edition, plus those of the fifteen sent to the pool for the draft. Internet users will then be invited to vote to select an additional member kept in each team. Secondly, each team will be able to select eleven additional swimmers from the pool, starting with the lowest ranked at the end of the last season. This second phase will bring the number of swimmers on each team to 27. Finally, managers will be able to complete their roster, up to a maximum of 36 athletes, by recruiting from those not selected from the first two phases.