— Published 15 April 2021

IOC still awaiting North Korean decision

Christophe Dubi, the director of the Olympic Games at the IOC, explained this on Wednesday, April 14th, during a press point in virtual mode at D-100 of the opening of the Tokyo Games: the Olympic body have still not received official notification of North Korea’s decision to forgo the next Summer Games. The Pyongyang regime announced it on April 6th, via a very official message posted on the website of the Ministry of Sports, where it was written that the country had “decided not to participate in the 32nd Olympic Games in order to protect athletes of the global health crisis caused by COVID-19”. But, more than a week later, the IOC is still awaiting confirmation from the North Korean Olympic Committee of its non-participation in the Games. “As soon as we have this information, we will communicate it“, assured Christophe Dubi, insisting on the will of transparency of the Olympic body.